How To Get Seller Participation to Sell Their Home

I was watching a reality real estate show last week. You know, the one that stars the high powered, high-end Realtor selling multi-million dollar homes on one coast or the other.  I love these shows, if for nothing else, but to see the gorgeous homes they list and try to sell with gala parties and events to include the “rich & famous.”   It’s also a reality check as to what you might expect when you focus on this high-end market. The last home sale in Sarasota that meets this criteria was $4.1 Million!

Among reasons why I hardly see myself in this market is the fact that if I had to wear those 4” spike heels that all of the women Realtors seem to wear it might prove risky and dangerous to the physical body. I would have to go to wikiHow and get instruction on how to walk gracefully in them. It’s a hidden talent I think. It’s certainly not a natural talent. I digress….

So, the episode I am referring to was about a team that wanted a listing so bad that they agreed with the seller on his price and terms (even though they knew the property was priced to high), he was not a motivated seller “I don’t have to sell”, and he was only going to give them a 3 month listing.  Sounds like a listing to walk away from right?  Well when the potential commission is  $312,000, that one is hard to walk from.

This is where the creative mind must kick-start into overdrive.  What would you do?

Well….it just so happens that the seller was a high-powered motivational speaker.  This helps you understand how he might have convinced the Realtors to take the listing with such tight terms.  The Realtors realized that they had become victims, I mean subjects, of his persuasive powers of speech.  So why not use his talents to help sell the house?  It wasn’t hard to convince him to participate in an exclusive broker showing.  After the broker tour, he emerges on the patio overlooking the $5 Million view and he addresses the group of brokers with a powerful, motivational, inspiring presentation to inject a sense of urgency and possibility to get this house SOLD!

I thought that approach was genius. However, by the end of the show, there were no offers yet but many showings…. And the saga continues. I wish I knew how to find out if the house ever got sold. There are multi-million dollar homes for sale in Sarasota, Florida.

The point is, think outside of the box. A seller might have gifts and hidden talents that they would gladly put at your disposal if asked in an intelligent way.  Perhaps they have a gift in design and want to assist with a marketing piece.  Maybe they are closet artists that would like to be involved in staging the home. I can guarantee you that the more they get involved the more the total selling experience will be enjoyable and bring you referrals following the sale.

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