We Made Another List! Top Ten Turnaround Housing Markets





Sarasota, Florida has made it to the Top Ten Turnaround Housing Markets.  According to Move Inc. the Sarasota-Bradenton area has seen Median list price increase from 2011 first quarter to 2012 first quarter of +12.56%.

Now, that’s not as big a jump in prices that Pheonix-Mesa, Arizona has seen, their price increase in median list price being 26.94% from first quarter 2011 to first quarter 2012.

And Miami has seen almost as big a jump at 24.32%.

Our sleepy city of Naples just south of us has seen a good increase of 14.34% and Ft. Myers is close behind at 18.27%.

For Sarasota, this steady increase in values is not surprising. It was shown to be so early last year and the inventory is down below 4.5 months thereby creating a seller’s market. Houses for Sale in Sarasota, Florida continue to hold their value.

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