now is the time to make that move while the economic stars align.

House money and calculator.


In a weekly economic update published by Cushman and Wakefield a list of 2015 predictions were listed. Along with the prediction that the US and Global economy will grow an aggressive monetary stimulus by the European Central Bank will drive growth in the Eurozone. China saw a slowdown in growth but there will be a gradual continued increase in GDP. Japan will show a rebound now that the Prime Minister has the ability to use his mandated programs. And India will experience an accelerated growth in 2015.

However, the growth expected in the US in 2015 far exceeds those expected increases with a 3 – 3.5% increase in GDP spurred by lower fuel prices which will help lower the trade deficit.
All good news and positive expectations. But what is expected in the Real Estate Industry?
In 2014 interest rates did not rise but are expected to rise in 2015 due to the Fed’s plan. But the most important driver that will increase long term interest rates will be the stronger economic growth in the US.
Good news for the Commercial Real Estate Market; with the increase in employment and spending while interest rates remain low, demand for space will increase and higher rents.
What does this mean to the average person considering buying a house or moving into a larger work space? It means that now is the time to make that move while the economic stars align!

Are you looking for an investment, a new home, or a larger work space?  Give me a call at 941-726-2227 to discuss what the Sarasota market has to offer.

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