Season of Sarasota Arts

opera-houseSarasota has a full calendar of arts and entertainment events scheduled for the fall season.  Dahlia Ghabour at the Herald Tribune reports on the Arts and Cultural Alliance project, Inspire Sarasota.  It is a 2 week event that includes some of the 113 arts organizations in the Sarasota community. Events begin the last week of October and end November 6th.

Various venues and productions are staged throughout the Sarasota and the events hosted by the Arts Alliance will be free to the public. “The kickoff event on the 24th is essentially the Academy Awards of local arts and culture,” Shirley said. “The performances will highlight events of the upcoming season — it’ll be a chance for people in the community to get a taste of the things that are going on this year.”

On Oct. 30, the annual Giving Hunger the Blues food bank fundraiser will be moved to the Van Wezel, shifting from a “great little neighborhood location to a great big public location” in the hopes of growing the event in the future, Shirley said.

Shirley stressed that the festival will not just be for the performing arts, but includes literary arts as well. On Nov. 5, the Alliance will host a daylong festival around Five Point s Park. About half a dozen stages will be set up for Sarasota County ! school students and local performing arts youth groups to perform. Organizations will have tents and tables to exhibit what they do. Then, lectures and panels by local authors will be held in Selby Library’s Geldbart Auditorium and the Sarasota Opera’s Peterson Room.

Sarasota’s cultural scene has something for everyone and continues to grow and add to the vibrancy of our city.

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