The Power of Alignment

The Power of Alignment…good one! Thank you, Susan Phelps

The Voyager Journey

I was reminded about the power of alignment in architecture as it reflects in your home or office when I just supported a friend of mine at an art opening where she was showing her paintings.

She told me she had tried to get her art displayed in this particular gallery for a couple of years with no success, and then finally, out of the blue, she was accepted. She claims it was due to a Feng Shui expert who moved furniture around the house, including her bed, which now sits askew in the center of her room. And, she was told not to use two of her 3 bathrooms in the house because ironically, she was “flushing” away her prosperity. The re-arrangement of chairs on her deck which rises above a canal was also part of the alignment.

After all directions were followed, she got the gallery showing. Okay…

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