Don’t make these mistakes when building a new home.

House ContsructionDon’t make these mistakes when building a new home.
1. Overbuild
2. Build your dream home without considering resale
3. Choose upgrades that don’t matter most
4. Assume that everything will go as planned
Your custom designed home may have all the features and extras that you want but it could limit your ability to resell. Extending a unique style too whether it is in the size, floor plan, or interior design may place this property in a niche’ category that is hard to sell. Consider that your idea of an Alpine Cottage built in Sarasota, Fla. might not appeal to buyers moving to Sarasota, Florida for the sunny lifestyle. There is a saying in real estate that if a house has something so unique about that it and it’s one of a kind, then it may take a while to sell.
Upgrades add up and can quickly double the price of the home. Consider the timing. “For example, carpet can always be switched out to hardwood floors later, but a full basement is something you should decide on now,” Brunhofter says in a recent U.S. News & World Report.
Set the tone for the relationship with your builder. Don’t assume because the contractor has a license that that makes him a good communicator. Stay involved with the process after the design phase. Ask questions. “Visit the site during construction,” advises Nicole Cannon, also quoted in the report, “Make sure things are matching your expectations, and ask questions if they don’t. The worst option is to remain quiet and end up with something that you are unhappy with or have to pay to fix after the fact.”
Choose a Realtor with experience and knowledge about basic construction and new home sales. You want to hire someone who understands the building process and can guide you with suggestions to avoid major problems. Understanding a new home sales contract is essential.
Your Realtor’s commission does not affect the price. I have heard of builder reps negotiating with buyers to lower the price by eliminating a buyer’s agent. This is not only highly unethical but hardly true either. Marketing budgets pay for the buyer’s Realtor’s commission in most cases. Plus, your Realtor may be aware of incentives that are not offered publicly. Expert guidance and good negotiating are essential to a less stressful new home buying experience. Call Susan Phelps, Berkshire Hathaway at 941-726-2227 to find the best builder, the perfect neighborhood, and best Realtor to guide you through the new home buying process.

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