Do You Need a Realtor to Buy a Newly Built Home?

Sarasota Real Estate

new homeAccording to a recent Fannie Mae report Single-Family Housing Starts are at the highest level of the year, and Building Permits have risen to the highest level since June 2008. Finally, the NAHB Housing Index showed that home builders are very confident about both current and future market conditions.
So, a new home is a good option for many reasons.  But, why should a consumer need an agent to represent them when buying or building new construction?  Check out my video for an explanation or read on:
1) The site agent represents the builder, they are not there to “help” the consumer.  The builder salesperson works for and represents the builder’s interest and the builder’s interest only.  Builders do not discount the price because the consumer has no representation. Commissions are usually built into the price or taken from a marketing fund. If you don’t use a Realtor you are…

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