School District Matters When Buying a Home

school daysThere are many things to consider when buying a new home. Of course you automatically consider price, location, square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and the condition of the home. However, something you might look over that is important to anyone purchasing a new home is the school district of the home. 

According to the 2012 National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 25% of home buyers listed school quality and 19% listed proximity to schools as deciding factors in their home purchase.


Even if you don’t have school-age children, living in a good school district boosts property values. When it comes time to resell, you learn quickly that strong school districts are a top priority for many home buyers looking to buy a home in the best neighborhoods of Sarasota.


Parents of school-aged children often pay attention to a district’s performance ratings and are likely to pay more to want to live near public schools with higher scores. A school’s high rating can often drive up the price of a home.


Parents always want the best school they can afford for their kids so they want to know about the best neighborhoods in Sarasota County. When you are buying a home, consider the resale value and how the school district could affect it. School districts and their boundaries, whether or not you have children, should always be on your radar when buying a bus

Your realtor can provide info about the school districts in Sarasota County.  Be sure to ask.  If I am working with a family with school age children, I feel that is part of my job.  If you are thinking of re-locating to Sarasota and want more information about the schools here call me: 941-726-2227 or email me @

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