7 Top Reasons to Buy “New”

Here in Sarasota, Fl. we have seen a recovery unlike most cities that are barely showing any market stabilization. Our inventory is at record lows month after month and our sales figures are setting better records than in 2005.

This may be one reason why our new construction market is doing so well but I think it also has to do with the growing understanding that new homes are filling the needs of growing families and here are the top 7 reasons why.

1)   New homes sales prices per square foot are nearly on par with the price per square foot of resales in comparable neighborhoods.

2)   Your new home and all the appliances, fixtures, and products that are sold with it are under warranty.  Depending on the warranty and items it could be 10 – 20 years before any replacements have to be bought.

3)   Better indoor air quality. Houses without the new designed air ventilation systems are trapping stale air and moisture that may eventually turn into a problem.  Added comfort from energy-efficiency and proper air filtration make living indoors healthier.

4)   The new homes of today are low maintenance because of the modern design in floor plans and the new building products that require less maintenance.

5)   Energy Efficient window systems that decrease the cost of heating and air conditioning are available with double or even triple panes with special coatings that contribute to energy savings.

6)   State-of-the-art circuit breakers, electric garage door openers with infrared beams that stop if a tricycle or child is too near are items that add a sense of security to a family home. Environmentally friendly coolants and high efficiency HVAC units in new homes not only cost less to run but add a reliability factor to a new home. Low volatile organic compounds used in cabinets, carpets and paints are used, so that you and your family can breathe easier.

7)   Design you new home with your personal style incorporated.  Build your master suite with the French doors you’ve always wanted that open to the patio.  Plan the high ceilings that give you that open feel.  Bring the master to the first floor or the second bedroom for your parents so they don’t have to climb the stairs.  Many builders are design friendly and will provide you with many options to make your dream home yours.

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