New Homes Cost Less to Own? How Can That Be?

Most new homes are built with energy efficient features that make utility bills, primarily electric and fuel costs lower than in an older home that does not have adequate insulation, energy efficient windows and design that increases the energy efficiency ratings. The long term savings can be substantial.

Retro-fitting older homes to today’s technology can be costly and time consuming.   When you build your own home you don’t inherit other people’s problems.  New homes are built with low maintenance materials. With custom builds you create your space for your lifestyle in a beautiful place like Sarasota, Florida.

Most builders will offer at least a one year warranty that will save the new homeowner from costly repair bills for the appliances. The builder will usually include limited warranties on other systems in the house and an extended warranty on the structure itself.

Convenient financing with in-house mortgage services make the loan process smooth and less stressful for a buyer.

Home buyers in today’s Sarasota, Florida market are savvy enough to search the internet, make comparisons in value, watch market trends, and research the neighborhoods they are interested in.  And buyers in the new home market are just as savvy when it comes to understanding the relative values of new homes in a newly built subdivision.

Buyers can be assured that the value of their new home will, in most cases, only go up is that the builder has an “untold guarantee” to his buyers that they will not dump the last of the inventory on the market at lower prices as it would devalue the already sold inventory.  A builder that wants to stay in business won’t risk their reputation by dumping inventory in their new neighborhood.


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