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A picture says it all.

Finally closed!


Normally I wouldn’t use a testimonial for a blog. But, It is a story told that many Realtors can relate to and it expresses why we do what we do for so many distressed home owners who need our help. This couple didn’t even live in Sarasota, Florida but they reached out for help. After 15 months we were finally able to close this deal so they could move on.

Mr. Perazza is a disabled Veteran that served his country in VietNam and continues to suffer from the injuries he incurred.  Due to continued problems he lost the ability to pay his mortgage and he decided to do a short sale. He wanted to do what he could. Unfortunately the lender did not feel that he deserved the benefits for moving assistance and the VA was not involved. They have been detached from the handling of VA loans for distressed homeowners. Didn’t make sense to me but we were on our own.

This process was so frustrating and painful that many times they were ready to throw in the towel and honestly so was I. I am sure many other Realtors have been faced with the same situation and something keeps them committed to complete the job. The following messages from the couple were what kept me going and committed to finish the job.

Thank you again Susan for your kindness and understanding and as always all your hard work to do the right thing by us!! I am just getting home now and though in some ways he is a little better–in some he is so not…we will stay positive that he will get better with each day and hopefully by next week he will be at a good place—but please do keep in mind that he is on some heavy duty pain meds and is truly not of his own mind. Just tonight he was telling me “that the room looks weird with all those heads they have around”…someday I am sure we will laugh about that but right now it is rather disconcerting.

I have just told Noel about everything and he is so pleased with all that you have done and appreciates your efforts so much!!

Thanks again Susan for your phenomenal follow-up and for watching our backs! Cannot tell you how much we appreciate this! Have a great day! Wendy

Again–thank you Susan for being diligent and continuing to fight on our behalf…and thank you for caring about Noel’s well-being…you don’t know what a great relief that is to him and also me. Hopefully this will all work out in the end and very soon…

Thank you so much for all that you are doing and for your continued patience…Wendy

 Hi Susan…I really, really appreciate you getting back to me! And let’s hope this is truly near the end…this has been one helluva process and I am sure you are all well over it by now–as much, if not more then we are. Thanks for hanging in there and for keeping the buyers interested. Have a great night and talk to you soon! Wendy


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