Sarasota Market Stats Are Out! It’s Good News!

Sarasota, Florida market news is good news if you are a seller.


In August of 2014 there were 975 closed transactions.  Last month it was 928 and last August 2013 it was 957 transactions.  Steady on through the summer we will probably see as good a number because of the 832 pending sales from August in Sarasota, Florida.

The median sales price for single family homes for August 2014 is $195,750, down a bit from last month’s price of $201,000 and about the same for August 2013 when it was $195,000.

Now, the inventory….it’s still low at 4.1 month’s supply.  It is still a SELLER”S MARKET!

The Sarasota County Real Estate market is strong and with the great demand of buyers, it will continue.  Can’t wait for the snow birds to flock back.

If you want to know what your home is worth or what to do to get ready to sell just call Susan Phelps at 941-726-2227 for help.

Ask These 5 Questions When Searching for a Home for Your Lifestyle

I have found that working with customers that are looking for a home and lifestyle in Sarasota, Florida to move up to a larger space, a better neighborhood, and better schools sometimes lose sight of the original goals.
Follow these sensible questions to ask to stay on track:
Make a list of the 5 most important lifestyle items to start your search.

1. Is it location for schools or work? If you have to make a choice between the 2, which is it? Is it more important that your children have more time in a school that you feel is going to fit their needs or is it more important that you have more quality time with your children at home and time to engage in family and sport activities?
2. Is location for activities important? Do you require a dock on a Sarasota waterway for your boat or close proximity for beach time?
3. What spaces in your new home are most important? Are you an active person with lots of outdoor toys, boats, and bikes of all sorts? Is a 2-3 car garage or separate storage space essential?
4. How much maintenance do you want to do? Does a large yard and older home appeal to you because of the charm and character? Do you have the means to hire someone to take care of regular lawn maintenance or will that be your weekend job? Or is gardening your source of peace and creativity?
5. Moving to a larger home is not what everyone does? Do you need/want a larger home for a growing family? Or do you want larger outdoor spaces to have for family activities year round and for entertaining?

These are questions related to lifestyle that sometimes get clouded over by the excitement of finding a “pretty” house that might appeal to your esthetic nature. If a lifestyle for you and your family is most important then these are factors that you can’t forget. Write down how you want your lifestyle to look like. Create a picture collage to keep the visual up front and center.  And remember….My Work-Style = Your Lifestyle….so call Sarasota Suze aka Susan Phelps at 941-726-2227.

How Much More Tax Burden Should Homeowners Bear?

How Much More Tax Burden Should Homeowners Bear? Posted by Berkshire Hathaway Homeservices Florida Realty

House money and calculator.

Is your state or local government trying to raise the amount of taxes you pay on your home?

Think nothing can be done about it? You’re wrong.

Across America, state and local Realtor® Associations have been hard at work protecting your wallet and your home from costly new and increased taxes.

As a homeowner, you already suffer a large tax burden:

About 10% of your income goes to state and local taxes. It takes you 40 days to pay that (that’s not counting federal taxes, either). Reminds us of that famous quote from President Reagan: “The taxpayer: that’s someone who works for the government but doesn’t have to take a civil service exam.”

But when you factor in your home, you’re paying much more in taxes. Local governments count on real estate for almost 75% of tax revenues. Combined, about 35% of average state and local tax revenue comes from real estate. In some states it’s even higher. Take, for example, Florida, where that rate is a whopping 43%.

State and local taxes also have a direct impact on the value of your home. Every time the government raises real estate taxes — or tries to take away benefits, such as the mortgage interest deduction —the final cost to buy and own a home goes up. With over a third of America’s housing less affordable now than it has been all century, that’s the last thing homeowners and home buyers need.

But local and state Realtor® Associations are making a difference for your home and your wallet. Here are a few examples of what they’ve accomplished:

Realtors® in Oregon fought to preserve the Mortgage Interest Deduction.
Realtors® in Minnesota defeated a sales tax on real estate services.
In Louisiana, Realtors® insisted on a better plan to fund schools than simply raising the property tax burden for homeowners on the heels of its previous battle against a proposed new transfer tax.
Cincinnati Realtors® held back a proposed property tax hike.
In New York, Realtors® helped cap annual property tax increases.
Prince Georges County (MD) Realtors® won a compromise on a proposed real estate recordation tax and the Maryland state Association helped save the Mortgage Interest Deduction for its homeowners.
And a coalition of Los Angeles Realtors® helped keep a transfer tax increase off the ballot.